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Brand Story

BB Kitty diaper comes from a parenting and entrepreneurial life of a real mother. Sharon, the founder of BB Kitty, is a happy and beautiful mother. In the national context of the opening of second-child, the Sharon family welcomed a second child,whose arrival has once again immersed the family in joy. Sharon,just like all mothers, hopes to give the best to her baby.

Working as a project manager for overseas major accounts of a well-known maternal and infant company, Sharon has many years of experience in the maternal and infant industry. However, when she was choosing diapers for her baby, she fell into a brooding thought She is well aware of the product materials and characteristics of major international brands while some diaper brands just sacrifice quality and softness only for the sake of price. In pursuit of perfection,she came out the thoughts of customizing a diaper especially for her baby.

With the same belief, Sharon gathered a group of like-minded young people,:successful entrepreneurs with more than ten years of experience in brick-and-mortar chain operations; senior managers specializing in foreign trade and supply chain integration;dedicated, and experienced e-commerce operations...

They had deep discussion on product function,quality,operation and development plan and so on, then BB Kitty brand came into being.

BB Kitty always believes that every little one is a unique little genius, and the growth of a baby should follow individual characteristics, not simply imitate, follow, and should far not be an unreasonable comparison. Caring for the happy growth of the baby is the original intention of every young mother. BB Kitty advocates that every mother should treat the baby's growth and self-improvement with self-confidence and independent spirit.

BB Kitty insists on bringing the best to the person he loves the most. Taking the baby's perspective and feelings, and the mother's original intention as the origin,BB Kitty is forever a good diaper with sincerity to help the baby grow up healthily.