BB Kitty Marketing


BB Kitty is the high-end diapers created by the Group's overseas departments are in response to the national brand's plan to go overseas. With extremely dry and playful and cute, it is deeply loved by young moms all over the world. The products are sold well in major hospitals in China, high-end confinement clubs, chain maternal and child stores, and micro-e-commerce platforms; they are exported to the Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Southeast Asia and countries along the Belt and Road.

Thanks to the joint efforts of our brand agents and our customers, Our BB Kitty has found his sole brand agents in Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

BB Kitty sole agent in Russia is TNG group in Moscow;

BB Kitty sole agent in Kazakhstan is BB Care company in Almaty;

BB Kitty sole agent in Kyrgyzstan is Erdan Company;

BB Kitty official agent in Thailand is Wealthy Way Kidscare Co.,Ltd. in Bangkok;

BB Kitty official agent in Myanmar is Ma Linn Linn Htun.